BLUEist Training & Services

BLUEist Training

We offer on line training via Zoom or your on-line communication system. Our software classes are developed for beginners, intermediate and advanced power users.

On-line Refresher Webinars for Revit 
Overcome COVID related away time – What did you forget?  Don’t want to start from scratch? We have weekly scheduled live Zoom webinars with Our Master Training Instructors that focus on a specific area of Revit Training each week. This program is tailored to accommodate drop-in participation. 

On Demand-online one-on-one support.
We offer private one-on-one training to individuals that have specific projects that require problem solving.  

“How to Do It” solutions.
Sometimes you just need a quick pick-up reminder.
Project Based Family Creation – The Door Swing Example – solutions meeting a defined purpose rather than generic magic tricks.

Custom Training
Tailored to address specific needs relating to your projects.  Individuals and companies often find that the generic training isn’t enough.  We will work with you to fit the program to your specific needs

BIM Management
What is BIM Management and how can it be applied to your project?
We are here to help!  Reach out and contact us at 818-649-1817.  We can set you up and get your project running with efficiently.

Project Services

Forensic Diagnosis on demand – Problem solving – What isn’t working?

Creating Office Specific Templates – Minimizing Rework

Creating Custom Standards and Protocols – Who creates families and file structure