2 Days 9 am - 5 pm
During SketchUp 201 you will learn model organization strategies that keep your file sizes manageable and your computer running efficiently. You will learn how to combine groups, components, layers, styles,… Learn More
½ day
LayOut is an often overlooked and under-utilized stand-alone application that is included with SketchUp Pro. In this class you will learn to use LayOut’s 2d drafting tools to present and… Learn More
1 days
During this class you will learn the most advanced features of SketchUp and LayOut as well as techniques for creating DD/CD quality documents. You will gain a full understanding of… Learn More
½ day
Efficient texturing is a key component of an efficient model. During this class you will learn how to leverage the MatchPhoto feature to blend 3d geometry with lightweight 2d imagery… Learn More
½ day
You can always be faster! In this class you will learn hard to find tips, tricks, and techniques that will make everyday modeling faster and easier. If you think you… Learn More