BZB-1 Pixologic ZBrush Fundamentals

Course Overview

• In 3 days get a solid grasp of Zbrush. Learn the necessary sculpting techniques to create highly realistic 3D models. The course will develop an understanding of how Zbrush is used in production pipelines for both animation and industrial fabrication.

Day by Day Outline

Day 1

Understanding the interface, navigating the canvas, using Light Box, activating symmetry, creating meshes, understanding polygon-based models, using Shadow-Box, importing from other programs, brushes and sculpting, working with alphas, saving

Day 2

Working with tools, subdivision levels, polygroups, using deformation, working with subtools, deforming with transpose, painting and texturing with color, poly-painting

Day 3

Repetology, dynamesh, Z-remesher, projections, hard-edge modeling with Z-modeler, Qmesher, dynamic subdivisions, UV layouts and maps, texture mapping, troubleshooting corrupted models

Course Details

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Course Duration:

3 Days



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