BPS-1 Adobe Photoshop CC 2014 Fundamentals and Beyond

Course Overview

• Photoshop Fundamentals and Beyond is comprised of three, six hours classes. This serieswill teach the core design elements of the application. Topics covered will include (pixelbased art) interface, tools, layer basics, color corrections/alterations, image editing,selections, masking, brushes, painting tools, text tools, and 3D.• This is the recommended outline and description, actual class content can be customized and may vary.

Day by day outline

Day 1

Interface, raster vs. pixel, tools, panels, preferences, short cuts, resolution, color modes,image size, canvas size, magnification, cropping, brushes/painting, eraser tools, colorpallete, gradient tool, layer basics, file formats, hand tool, rotate view

Day 2

Layer effects, color correction, color alteration, dodge and burn, blur and sharpen,selection tools, saving selections, quick mask, cloning tools, opacity, fill, text tools, pentools, shape layers, filters, transformation

Day 3

Smart objects, smart filters, rasterize, layer mask, alpha channels, properties panel,layer blending, liquify, vanishing point, 3D,3D Text, exporting 3D layers, saving files vs exporting files

Course Details

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Course Duration:

3 Days 8 am - 4 pm




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